Since opening in 1991, the landscape of Alternative Dispute Resolution and the strategic uses of  mediation and arbitration has virtually been transformed from the “selling” of the ADR concept per se to providing  acceptable mediators and arbitrators who have the expertise and skills to handle the case.

While Litigation Alternatives promotes three of the finest full time professional neutral mediator/arbitrators in the field, we realize that our clients may wish to use other candidates.  As mentioned in our “Model of Service,” we have recruited and included some younger “New Generation”  mediators who, show the qualities necessary to act in this capacity going forward.  {*}

Also, rather than providing a long list of potential neutral mediators and arbitrators (which proves unwieldy), our CLIENT LIST is provided under the “About Us” heading.  It’s function is as a partial resource for prompting additional mediator/arbitrator choices.

Finally, requesting someone to act as a neutral on your case is welcome with whom we are not familiar is also welcomed and encouraged even if that attorney or firm is not on our lists.  Having been in the ADR field for over 25 years allows us to now be able to easily network and learn about individuals with whom we have not had experience.

The attorneys listed below are all in full time practice and scheduling may require additional advance notice.  Our “New Generation” mediators are noted with a star (*).

Hartford Area

Jack V. Genovese, II, Esquire

Angeline N. Ioannou, Esquire*

Michael P. Kenney, Esquire*

Christopher P. Kriesen*

Lloyd D. Pedersen, Esquire

Alison M. Ruiz, Esquire*

James J. Walker, Esquire*

Timothy D. Ward, Esquire* (Workers’ Compensation)

Hartford & New Haven Areas

Andrew P. Dwyer, Esquire*

Kevin C. Hines, Esquire*

Laura Nigro, Esquire*

Ryan J. Veilleux, Esquire*

New London Area

Kara M. Burgarella, Esquire*

Bridgeport/Stamford Area

Jeffrey M. Ment, Esquire