Donald “Toby” Doyle retired from a distinguished twenty year career as a Workers Compensation Commissioner in July of 2010.   As Commissioner, Mr. Doyle conducted informal, pretrial and formal hearings in every district. As Commissioner in Charge for the Fifth District in Waterbury and the Second District in Norwich, Mr. Doyle’s responsibilities included participation and oversight of numerous General Dynamics claims that involved concurrent jurisdiction with the Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Act. Additionally, he was appointed by the Chairman of the Workers Compensation Commission to serve on the Compensation Review Board and served a number of terms.

While a Commissioner, Mr. Doyle was known for his ability to resolve Workers Compensation cases in informal hearings with the parties.  Upon his retirement, he began conducting hearings for Litigation Alternatives, Inc.

When he began his ADR career, the mediation of Workers Compensation cases was almost a completely unexplored area of conflict resolution.  Mediation has caught on as a viable option in this area largely because of Mr. Doyle’s success. It began with his credibility as a “settler” while still a Commissioner and has succeeded going forward because parties from both sides of the aisle trust his judgement and knowledge of the subject matter.

The meditations typically involve singular workers compensation claims or claims as part of other civil actions, including, but not limited to, the Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Act.  Issues of note include discriminatory discharge, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, auto accident, un/under- insured motorist claims as well as hospital and/or medical provider billing issues.  

Mr. Doyle has also led Mediation Days involving specific employers and has worked with The Hartford, AIG, the City of Norwich, The Compass Group, Walmart, and Stop and Shop settling numerous cases over the course of days.  Mr. Doyle has also participated as a co-mediator in complex meditations with the Honorable Robert Holzberg and the Honorable Jonathan Silbert.

As House Counsel to the State of Connecticut Insurance Department, Mr. Doyle has assisted in the   drafting of Department sponsored legislation and has actively interacted with the Connecticut Legislature to effectuate legislation.  His duties also included the oversight of NCCI Workers Compensation rate hearings and insurance agent licensing issues.