You have agreed to participate in this Mediation or Arbitration using the Zoom or Teams online meeting platform.  

Teams is a free platform, so you should familiarize yourself with it prior to the hearing by checking out the resources at

Once you go to you will need to login.

Click on “Join a Meeting” and type in your Zoom Mediation or Arbitration code or password.  Alternatively, you can also go the hearing by clicking the link on your invitation.

Teams has built-in security features that ensure that only authorized participants may attend the hearing and because participation is by invitation only, each meeting invitation has a unique meeting password for invited attendees.  

Additionally, the Mediator or Arbitrator will have control over who is admitted to the hearing from the “waiting room,” which is where all participants must enter prior to the start of the hearing.

You agree not to record any portion of this hearing.  Should you inadvertently record, you agree to immediately delete/destroy such recording and advise the other participants of this occurrence.  Please note that legal liability may be pursued should you publish any recording of the hearing without the knowledge and consent of all participants, including the Mediator or Arbitrator.

Do not attend this hearing using a device located in a public place in order to preserve the privacy of all participants.  The Mediator/Arbitrator shall have the right to terminate a hearing under such circumstances.

*Please note that online meetings are much more likely to proceed without any technical glitches if all participants are using a device with a secure Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. A computer connection works substantially better than a smartphone or iPad.  At this point in time, a vast majority of technical problems on Teams appear to be related to the use of smartphones and iPads.

Technical glitches do occur.  Do not panic.  Remain calm.  You can easily re-connect to the hearing using the invitation and the other participants will be aware of your absence.  You may even have to turn off/on (reboot) your computer before you can re-connect.  If you encounter technical problems call the Mediator or Arbitrator.  His or Her number will be provided.

Make sure you have a charged cellphone with you during the hearing in case of technical problems.  At the beginning of the hearing the participants will exchange of phone numbers so that the meeting can continue despite the occurrence of technical issues.

During the hearing, make sure you are alone in a room and turn off all non-essential devices such as televisions and other phones, computers etc.  Finally, make sure that there are no bright lights or open shades behind you as it will obscure your face.