When your case submission is strictly administrative {i.e. all ground rules have been agreed upon – including the mediator or arbitrator}, the only information needed is the correct spelling of the Superior Court Caption {Per court records},  the names of all the parties and attorneys involved, your procedural preference, scheduling information and any other information you deem pertinent.

When complex and multi-party cases are submitted,  it is of great importance to:  a) include ALL parties and attorneys involved in the litigation-even if you think they may not attend or have incentive to attend a hearing; and b) include the “core issues” that have led to impasse other than the sheer size or complexity of the case.  Additional case information will assist our administrators and case managers in scheduling an omission free hearing facilitation.

You may call, Fax or Email your submission directly to a Case Manager,, In lieu of this, feel free to use the automated form below.

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