The Hon. Grant H. Miller recently retired after a distinguished career as a trial lawyer and Superior Court judge.

Prior to his appointment to the judiciary in 2003, Judge Miller was a trial attorney for over 25 years. His practice involved a very broad range of litigation topics including, but not limited to personal injury, product liability, real estate, federal civil rights, medical malpractice and a variety of commercial matters.

Judge Miller’s judicial career was similarly diverse. In addition to the type of cases mentioned above, particularly personal injury cases, he was called upon to handle claims involving medical malpractice, wrongful termination of employment, environmental, and a wide variety of business disputes.

Judge Miller frequently and with great success, mediated numerous cases on the verge of trial. His experience and wry sense of humor led to his reputation as an extremely effective mediator.

Judge Miller was assigned to the Complex Litigation Docket for eight years where he managed and heard many high exposure and/or legally complicated cases. His work on these matters, where discovery was also frequently highly contentious, gave him additional valuable experience in managing litigation, further enhancing his skills as a mediator.

From 1992 until he was appointed, Judge Miller was the Managing Trial Attorney for the CNA Insurance Companies Connecticut Staff Counsel office. As such, In addition to his own caseload, he not only managed the office, but also worked with as many as twelve additional litigation attorneys covering the entire state of Connecticut.

After graduating Hunter College in 1975, Judge Miller attended law school at the University of Connecticut and graduated in 1978 with his Juris Doctor. Prior to moving to CNA, he worked at Clark, Mayo & Gilligan from 1979-1984, Naab & Danforth from 1984-1991 and the Law Offices of Justin Donnelly where he was promoted to managing partner and the offices were renamed the Law Offices of Grant H. Miller.