Below are lists of firms, insurance companies and other entities with whom we have worked over the past three or four years.  The function of these lists is to give attorneys, insurance companies and corporations an understanding of the wide range of clients we have serviced in the recent past so that difficult negotiations do not have a chilling effect on the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


The purpose of our list of attorneys and law firms is to:  1) give parties a comfort level about broaching the subject of mediation or arbitration with parties on the list; and 2) remind parties of the wide array of potential mediator and arbitrator choices that exist.

Litigation Alternatives is committed to the concept that parties should use a “mutually agreed upon” neutral hearing officer and therefore want to provide parties with other options than the mediators listed on our webpage.  We are also aware that skilled and potentially skilled mediators exist in the legal community with whom we have not had contact.  Accordingly, although we present great mediator options, we are always interested in new ADR practitioners.


The list of insurance companies, corporations and other entities are provided to clients who do not want to directly approach a defendant about ADR, but who may want to know whether they are potentially amenable to a discussion about alternatives to ongoing litigation that may include mediation, arbitration or other services.