Our Model of Service

Litigation Alternatives facilitates and administers Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures through the use of mediators and arbitrator s mutually agreed upon by all parties.  While our highly qualified and experienced “House Mediators” handle most of our caseload, we are committed to the concept of “mutual agreement” and therefore offer alternative hearing officer selection methodology.

With that in mind, we have developed a short list of “New Generation Mediators” that includes the younger and “up and coming” members of the bar with whom we have had experience and believe to be the mediators of the future.  These mediator/arbitrators are listed along with a few additional candidates with whom we have recently worked.  These names are located in the section entitled “Other Mediator Options.

Once a mediator or arbitrator has been agreed upon and all ground rules established, our  “Case Managers”  process and schedule all cases as quickly as possible within the parameters of all parties’ schedules.

All communications are deemed confidential unless permission has been granted.


Additional information, particularly the identities of other parties involved in the litigation, can also be submitted via our Contact Form.

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